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Where is it the dead go? When I look at the moon or an aeroplane flying overhead I think of my artist brother in his white trousers and best distressed leather jacket heading off to some event better than any … Continue reading

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Murray Robertson

Sometimes, something you see or hear once can haunt you for decades to come and never quite leave your mind. So it is for me, with the early work of Murray Robertson. Of all the Scottish artists featured in this … Continue reading

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Heather Nevay

It’s high time we featured a female artist on this ongoing series on Glasgow painters… and what an artist. Heather Nevay’s work depicts a dreamlike/nightmarish world of childhood picture books gone wrong… fragmentary narratives point towards dramas and terrors that … Continue reading

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Hugh Byars

In our age of conceptualism and disingenuous sarcasm, when students seem to emerge from Glasgow School of Art every year without even the most basic drawings skills, Hugh Byars is that rarest of things: a real artist, a real painter. … Continue reading

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Martin Kane

This week’s artist deserving of more attention is … Glaswegian painter Martin Kane. I’m pleased to see that Martin has his own website these days: The influence of Martin’s work can be seen in the early chapters of my … Continue reading

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