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Reading at the CCA in Glasgow

Well, another circuit of the sun completed, a new year called 2011 beckons. Thanks to Mo and George at Books In The West for hosting a small but perfectly formed evening of December readings from Ultrameta and Sylvow in West … Continue reading

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A late piece of good news to round off the year has been the acceptance by Postscripts Magazine of a collaborative short story by myself and Allen Ashley called “The Key To Harry”. Postscripts is a prestigious magazine produced by … Continue reading

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Here comes 2011

How to save the world in 2011? Funny how I haven’t tried a rant like this yet on this blog. Possibly because my books are full of stuff like this. But here goes. Imagine, just imagine, if 0.001% of all … Continue reading

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I notice I began this blog a while back by saying how I was going to try and avoid boasting. Oh deary me, I guess I hadn’t fully grasped that such was what blogs are for. Nonetheless, in the interests … Continue reading

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