In July 2014, I completely unexpectedly took up experimenting in art again after a hiatus of more than 25 years. The images, created in Autocad and Photoshop, bridge some kind of gap between architecture, design, and graphic art. Many of them were inspired by poems or stories that I had written and some were purely visual ideas evoked by Glasgow’s urban landscapes, which have in turn since given rise to new poems and stories to accompany them. I hope to use some of these for forthcoming book covers, and to continue to work across media in order to cultivate inspiration from a wider range of sources. I have already printed some of these images at large scale onto canvas and the results were interesting. If anyone would like to purchase a print for their wall then please get in touch and I’ll give you a quote. Six of the large-scale canvases were on show throughout Summer 2015 at Gesso Cafe at Glasgow’s Charing Cross. (See here),  and several others at Makers Gallery in Alloa.

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