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Martin Kane

This week’s artist deserving of more attention is … Glaswegian painter Martin Kane. I’m pleased to see that Martin has his own website these days: The influence of Martin’s work can be seen in the early chapters of my … Continue reading

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A S J Tessimond (1902-1962)

I mentioned in a previous post a superb book I acquired recently from Bloodaxe Publishing… The Collected Poems of A S J Tessimond, published last year. Tessimond was a somewhat tragic figure it seems, a lifelong bachelor who loved the … Continue reading

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Genres…. who need ’em?

An extract of Trevor Denyer’s review of “Sylvow” (in the latest edition of Midnight Street Magazine: No.15) can be found over at the Eibonvale Press blog: Trevor seemed to love the book, but was a little disappointed with the … Continue reading

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Samuel Beckett

I don’t suppose Samuel Beckett counts as an under-read writer these days, but he may well count as a poorly understood one, and is seldom read as a poet, perhaps because much of his poetry is in French. Here is … Continue reading

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Neil Dallas Brown (1938-2003)

My friend Nina Allan has finally started her own website (check it out:, and in the process inadvertently reminded me of one of my stated objectives when I started this blog: to mention artists, writers, and poets etc, whose … Continue reading

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