Heather Nevay

It’s high time we featured a female artist on this ongoing series on Glasgow painters… and what an artist. Heather Nevay’s work depicts a dreamlike/nightmarish world of childhood picture books gone wrong… fragmentary narratives point towards dramas and terrors that we can’t quite resolve. The lighting and background scenes often remind us strongly of Hieronymus Bosch, and the fairytale atmosphere recalls artists like Frida Kahlo and Dorothea Tanning, i.e. this is surrealism of a feminine strand. The late Steven Campbell was an example of someone who recently received fame for these kind of cryptic narrative paintings, but I was never wholly convinced that he knew the stories himself, or that they were truly surreal, i.e. had coherent subsconscious content. Heather is a different cup of tea however: these paintings indicate a haunted and fascinating world on the part of the artist, conveyed with meticulous calculation. Her paintings seem to open doorways in our minds to the forgotten mysteries of childhood, where beauty and terror lurk forever hand in hand.
The paintings posted here can all be viewed at her own excellent and extensive website: www.heathernevay.net

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