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The Suicide Machine

Copies of my latest book “The Suicide Machine” have just arrived from Dusseldorf from the German publisher Zagava. In terms of format, the book occupies that liminal territory between short story collection and novel, much as my first book “Ultrameta” … Continue reading

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Where is it the dead go? When I look at the moon or an aeroplane flying overhead I think of my artist brother in his white trousers and best distressed leather jacket heading off to some event better than any … Continue reading

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Galloway, Solway: glittering seas in the blaze of summer green lands low-lying tumbling bush and trees random Mandelbrot sequence peninsular as digits of a hand outstretched, upturned, open to the sky waiting for the great yellow ball of sun to … Continue reading

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If Winter Goes

Sunlight! And snow still on the ground around Glasgow. It’s been a weird old winter here at the northerly tip of Europe (and supposedly soon to be sawn off at the neck by halfwits in London). Been too busy shoveling … Continue reading

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A Sepia Photograph

Hidden in a drawer unseen for fifty years is a photograph they never showed us: our parents young and in love, seated back to back on a rock by the sea posing, laughing, smiling to friends like a message to … Continue reading

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The Yearning Year

Skeletal fingers impossibly long shadows reaching out across the town last rays of October light washing roofs red with twisting wisps of endless longing mauve cloud overhead long copper drifts of crinkling kindling rustling all around the trunks and branches … Continue reading

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Barking Circus

This is only my preliminary version of the artwork, the great David Rix of Eibonvale Press shall be working his magic on it in due course in order to arrive at a final cover worthy of us both, but… as … Continue reading

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