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D.F.Lewis on robot bees…

Writer, editor and reviewer D.F.Lewis has some interesting things to say about “Apoidroids” (from my Robot Bee novel “Apoidea”) in his real-time review of Theaker’s Quarterly No.37 over at his blog: Des writes: “…A story that appeals to my … Continue reading

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Hugh Byars

In our age of conceptualism and disingenuous sarcasm, when students seem to emerge from Glasgow School of Art every year without even the most basic drawings skills, Hugh Byars is that rarest of things: a real artist, a real painter. … Continue reading

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Saving A Drowning Bee…

Talking of robot bees, I had a close encounter today with one of the real thing. All bees are female of course (the ones you meet outside the hive, i.e. worker bees), so if I refer to this creature hereafter … Continue reading

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The Robot Bees Have Landed!

…so lock up your flower stamens! The first chapter of my robot bees novel “Apoidea” (go look that up, Latin scholars!) has just appeared in Issue 37 Stephen Theaker’s excellent little magazine Theaker’s Quarterly. Indeed, it is the featured cover … Continue reading

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