Theaker’s Quarterly #43 + Sein Und Werden Spring ’13


I do seem to get an inordinate amount out of pleasure out of each time my work appears in a copy of Theaker’s Quarterly magazine. I’ve been seen in more illustrious places, as I’m sure Mr Theaker himself would agree, but somehow I like being there, far from the madding crowd and the constant awarding of accolades to literary mediocrities in the mainstream. You can order a copy of this magazine through Amazon for only £3.17 here! And even get it free as a PDF here. How on earth can such a bargain be possible?

My rather long short story in this issue is called “Quasar Rise” and is about a planet almost entirely populated by women. It was a fascinating experiment to write, because I wasn’t sure what a world without men would really feel like, so just had to write it to find out. The results are strangely claustrophobic I think, and possibly insightful as to what we really are, us humans in our little brackets of gender.

*{stop press: the esteemed writer and reviewer D.F Lewis has posted a glowing real-time review of “Quasar Rise” over at his ‘Weirdmonger’ blog, describing it as “another Douglas Thompson gem”…read the review here}*

Meanwhile, my favourite high priestess of the weird, Rachel Kendall has published three “Exquisite Corpses” in the latest copy of the online magazine Sein Und Werden. Sein und Werden-Exquisite CorpseAn “Exquisite Corpse” was a nickname given to a writing game devised by the Surrealist artists led by writer Andre Breton, not dissimilar to the British picture game ‘consequences’, except that each writer must write the next paragraph of story having read only the paragraph before, written anonymously by someone else, and so on. You can read the Exquisite Corpse I took part in here. And the other two featuring other writers, here and here. All in all, a brilliantly liberating and unpredictable experiment, and a lot of fun.

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2 Responses to Theaker’s Quarterly #43 + Sein Und Werden Spring ’13

  1. Douglas, regarding the female-dominated universe point, you may be interested in this Sapphic novel (where babies are born by gynogenesis in a distant future), a book by PF Jeffery to be published on 15 May!

  2. Thanks, Des, for this and for the review. Looks like similar territory indeed, and anything from Chomu is to be taken seriously!

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