D.F.Lewis on robot bees…

Writer, editor and reviewer D.F.Lewis has some interesting things to say about “Apoidroids” (from my Robot Bee novel “Apoidea”) in his real-time review of Theaker’s Quarterly No.37 over at his blog: http://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com

Des writes:
“…A story that appeals to my interest in the hive- or swarm-consciousness – intriguingly less a version of Jungianism to which insects and other bugs might be subject than a “conferring by WiFi” – interlacing the virtuous-circular eco-sustainability of our planet, robotics, cut-throat business, satire (Steve Dobs and Bill Yates!), politics, and, for me, an implicit view of economics not irrelevant to today’s ’default’ debates in USA and the Eurozone. It is SF-crisply written as well as with a satisfyingly textured prose – including stream-of-consciousness (aptly!) as well as direct narration. I enjoyed the ending – an ingenious comparison of insects as thoughts – but the final pay-off I will not spoil here…”

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