ayrharbourMy “next public appearance” as they say, (apart from popping out to the shops for a pint of milk and so forth!), will be next month on Wednesday 16th November 2016 7.30pm at the Ayr Writers’ Club. I’ll be talking about my books, reading from some of them, and attempting to offer pearls of wisdom to anyone who’ll listen regarding the art of writing, particularly the art of writing short stories, since I will also be judge the Ayr Writers Club short story competition in the new year.

Sleep Corporation-160815In support of the far-fetched notion that I might be remotely qualified for this honour, I hereby offer up as evidence two recent reviews of my short story collection “The Sleep Corporation.” Reviewer Martin Rose has described the book as “a fascinating and riveting read of intelligent and deeply layered fiction…”, read in full here. And Charles Packer of the Sci Fi Online site has said of the book: “the quality is universally high and his singular voice is always crystal clear…” as you can see in full here. If you are lucky enough to live in the lovely and ancient seaside town of Ayr or its surroundings then please come along in return for which I promise to be convivial company for the evening 🙂

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