scarf on sofa

scarf on chair
One of the scarves I designed for Vida has arrived from America. I can report that the quality is rather good, and therefore recommend with a clear conscience that anyone who likes them should go ahead and order one or two up if they so desire (scarves and tops to 2 different designs by me are available). I ordered this scarf on 7th May and it arrived yesterday (9th July), so the process is not fast but bear in mind they are making each one up from scratch. Also, the now ongoing Brexit disaster is not going to help in terms of how much these cost, due to the falling strength of the British pound against the American dollar (the VIDA factory is in San Francisco).

For anyone living in Glasgow or nearby, I am going to make this unusual offer: the first two people to email me with proof of purchase of one of these clothes items, can have a free canvas. I’ve got two of those (Bathing Seagull and Foxtrot Echo Bravo, see photograph below) to give away. If you want one (and have bought a scarf or top), I will meet you in any cafe you like and give you a canvas to take away, signed and suitably wrapped in protective sheet to carry home and hang on your wall. Each picture is 870 x 600mm, and usually sells for around £175, so this is an insane offer. You can see the original posts of these digital artworks and their accompanying poems here and here.

scarf and canvases


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