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A few things have come in over the doorstep in the last month or two: a short fiction piece of mine called “Moon Shot” has finally appeared in the long-awaited anthology of flash fiction “100 Lightnings” from Australian publisher Paroxysm Press, alongside the likes of Kaaron Warren, Angela Slater and Allen Ashley. Big in Australia at last 🙂

Secondly, an eight part poem of mine called “Galloway Octuplets” has appeared in Poetry Scotland broadsheet, pictured above. The first two parts previously appeared in my blog here and here.

Thirdly, my poem “Vulpine Night” has appeared in the excellent anthology “Foxes Of Glasgow” edited by Peter Wright. The poem was previously posted on this blog here.

Fourthly, yesterday I won the Faith/Unbelief annual prize for my poem “Dunkled Trinity”, previously published on this blog here. Although I explained that I am not religious before reading it out in a church in Glasgow’s west end, the spiritual message seemed to transcend that distinction and it was an enjoyable occasion alongside very talented and kind fellow writers and judges.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention: on Thursday the United Kingdom died. The death throes of the British Empire, which I have long predicted, are thus entering their final stages. Common sense suggests that a new constitutional settlement must soon emerge and Scotland take its place at last as an independent nation remaining within the European Union. Sometimes history does offer second chances. Let’s not cock it up this time, folks.

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5 Responses to News

  1. ainescannell says:

    Hello there Douglas
    its good to see the book “Foxes of Glasgow” even if it is just in this photo on your blog. I have artwork in it and it’s really nice to meet you as a fellow contributor. I must try to contact the guy in charge to see if I can get hold of a copy.
    BY the way PLEASE do yourself and everyone else a favor by adding some kind of gadget or widget or whatever they call these things nowadays and add a
    to this website. I shall await an email from you letting me know YOU HAVE DONE SO – then I can subscribe……………. so that I can enjoy your writing….best wishes


    • Greetings and thanks for getting in touch, Aine. WordPress tells me the email subscription plugin is already active on the blog, so follow away. Do you want me to contact Peter Wright about Foxes for you? All I have is his original submissions email. Your art looks interesting, I must investigate further.

  2. ainescannell says:

    Douglas – Did you manage to get hold of Peter Wright? I still have not heard from him.

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