Sleep Corporation-160815Time I think for an update here of some bits and pieces. An excellent review has just appeared over at the British Fantasy Society website of my ninth book “The Sleep Corporation”, a collection of 31 short stories from right across my life to date, starting from when I was a mere boy in my early twenties.

Returning to the present, two new short stories of mine have recently appeared in interesting new anthologies. One is called “Bird Brains” and appears in the compilation  “Existence Is Elsewhen” from Elsewhen Press. It starts out as an essay on drunkenness, heads off into particle physics and evolution then concludes by revealing itself as a rather provocative allegory for recent terrorist disturbances in Europe and the social division which fuels them. existence elsewhenOccasionally authors stumble into accidental predictions of future events. I was disturbed to discover six months after writing this story that it correctly predicted the location of recent terrorist attacks and their places of origin. Intuition is an interesting word in English: it does not necessarily imply the supernatural, only a subconscious grasp of factors and forces beyond the conscious reach.

The second story is called “A Dream Of Blue Sunlight” and is based on a very weird dream I had and my attempt to describe it in an email to friend and fellow author Jet McDonald. This one has found it way into a little gem of a book: “A Galaxy Of Starfish“, an anthology of modern surrealism from Salò Press, edited by Sophie Essex.Starfish

Today, a poem of mine about architecture called “Rebuilding 18 Park Terrace” has appeared on the website of Stanza here, who held their annual poetry festival at the start of March in the beautiful seaside town of St.Andrews and apparently even had transfers in local shop windows of some the lines from this poem.

Finally, following the death of my eldest brother the painter Ally Thompson, I have created a new page here on this blog with a mini-gallery devoted to the very best of his work. I hope to increase awareness of his remarkable talent and legacy over coming months and years.

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