Candle Flame

candle flame


Through all our winter nights
since forebears hidden in the gloom of time
took our fates on fur-wrapped feet
across ice floes to this northern clime
we’ve watched this yellow dancer
seal blubber night clubber
burning tallow enchanting flame
ballerina on the breeze of night
spinning centre of all sight and light
weaver of flickering dreams
both more fragile and dangerous
than she seems
can warm your house or bring it down
roaring red-gorged to feed her greed
or puttering purring like a cat
curled on your lap or saucer
repels the stroking hand with subtle hiss
the sun her mother gave her this
the power to give both life and death
beware her kiss her fatal breath
hypnotically she beats
advances and retreats
swoops, stoops to sweep
our darkest floor on naked feet
her tongues of fire loom
consume our hours with wild desire
whispering of hope and heat
until extinguished purged at last
she relaxes, drapes the room
white phantom ghosts of wax
her tomb.

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