Dunkeld Trinity

Dunkeld trees


1. Father

Tall trees guard
the half-ruined kirk
a transfigured army
dead-straight, trueDunkeld tower
focused on a longer time
than ours mere centuries litter
mulch to feed their roots
pealing bells, peeling bark
political rumblings
sackings, defilement
passing shadows
their tips scrape blue skies
drink the light of eternity.

2. Son

How tangled the roots
of the tree of love
a yew perched upon
a collapsing bank
shored up with moss-eaten stones
the roots writhe
lose their way so many times
give everything, anything
just to survive
another millennium
the tree will outlive us
it’s only getting started.

3. Holy Ghost

Icy embrace for the eyes
the wide still waters of the Tay
flowing ever backwards
black as time, as memory
irrevocably falling leaves
the deeper current
always returning me
to the ruins of myself
unfinished and unstarted
consumed by nature
tender and fatal
as ivy, as moss.

Dunkeld roots-by Rona

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