Sleep Corporation-160815

Next Tuesday, 27th October at 7pm, at Glasgow’s CCA in Sauchiehall Street, I’ll be launching my latest book ‘The Sleep Corporation’ and selling signed copies for a ridiculously low price to anyone sporting enough to come along and listen to me ramble for an hour and a half. The evening will also be a “Masterclass” (ahem… I know, I know, I can’t take that seriously either) and I promise to make it an interesting old look back over my last 8 books, the things I’ve learned and the funny and inspiring people I’ve met along the way. Also poems! And pictures! What’s not to love?

In other recent news, Simon Bestwick interview me here. And an extract from my next novel in progress can be read Bright November in the latest edition of Sein Und Werden Magazine.

Oh yes, and two of my digital paintings, bathing seagull and foxtrot, can be seen and/or purchased at the Makers Gallery in Alloa.

Finally, there were a couple of good late reviews of my novel The Rhymer here and here.

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