Leaf Fall

Leaf fall by DT


Side by side on the little bench
among the fallen leaves
in your ruined back garden
we gaze up at the wild autumn sky
the wisps and vapour trails across the blue
and do not hold hands beneath the tartan blanket
because we do not need to.
We are up there together, circling each other
as eagles, in ever tightening orbits.

Beyond the clouds we know the stars drift
the vast universe turning beyond us.
You say it is all an accident, meaningless
even your memories and stories which haunt
and move me so much my heart hurts.
I disagree. I vow to prove it:
it matters, all of it, everything falling
and orbiting like us: towards darkness
peace, resolution, oblivion
you and I enfolded within each other
as all those who have ever loved.

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