Amsterdam by Rona Macdonald
In Amsterdam the endless backdrop
of passing cyclists silhouetted like
old cine film click-clack of sprockets
pulled through by the antique light
of frosted glass lamps thermal diode
valves bypassed avenues of history
dammed open rediscovered technological
backtrack hidden shortcut alleyway
In the American Hotel the staff
and the décor remain mysteriously
unchanged since 1940. You like this?
–The solicitous waiter whispers in my ear
appearing unexpectedly at my shoulder
with the imperious poise of a high-class dentist
Yes, Ja, dank u, let me see the dessert menu
while you remove my upper left molar
tilt my chair back to gaze upon
Amsterdam-2 by Rona Macdonaldyour beautiful Dutch future. How I ache
with the weariness of a tattered British
passport token of disputed nationhood
Go on drug me, pull it like a sore tooth
and when I wake present me
with a battered old black bicycle
so that I might take my place among
the pretty blonde girls on Leidseplein
for which I believe I should also require
a cloth flat cap, a denim waistcoat
and a cigar.

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2 Responses to Netherland

  1. EW says:

    I’ve never been to Amsterdam but after reading this it’s certainly inspired me to go. Thanks!

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