The Sleep Corporation

Sleep Corporation-160815

Well, here is the cover for my next book, out soon. Published by the wonderful Terry Grimwood’s wonderful The Exaggerated Press. 31 short stories, dating from as far back as 1991…. nearly a quarter century. One man’s life, for what it’s worth. The first story is about me and a 37-year old grandmother I went out with when I was in my twenties (bless you, Lizzy, are you out there somewhere?), and the last one is about the lonely suicide of Alan Turing. With a whole lot of much weirder and wilder stuff in between, such as supermarkets bigger than cities and haunted bicycles. Copies will be on sale soon and you can get one off me in person at this upcoming gig on 27th October. I seem to be increasingly doing my own book covers these days, which is nice. This image began life with a poem on the blog a couple of months back.

I’ll be talking about a few of my books then, including The Brahan Seer, and The Rhymer, the latter of which has been reviewed again recently at The British Fantasy Society and Future Fire.

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