The Carpenter’s Labyrinth

The Carpenter's Labyrinth


Musical language of wood:
plane and saw and feather
router chamfer sand dovetail
mortice tenon mitre
battens joists branders
dooblins hangers midrails
transomes astragals scrolls
stringers winders scribe
splice bullnose apron plate
at night the joiner sleeps and slips
into a maze of turns and braces
triple cripple studs glued and screwed
as pit props under sleep he scurries
beneath the varnished world
a mere mouse in the house of riches
his signature perhaps a spot of blood
or scribbled sketch or jotted sum
where no light shines beneath
a wainscot, skirting, architrave, while
no proud aristocrat spies it now
yet it shall make some future apprentice
wonder, pause and smile.

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3 Responses to The Carpenter’s Labyrinth

  1. midimike says:

    Fantastic! One of the best I’ve read all week.

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