Nocturnal Empire

Nocturnal Empire by Douglas Thompson-250615


Merchant City Friday night
urban rhythms as trafficlight
gridiron criss-cross zigzag
bass beat jazz blues
intersect stop start
rumble of passing cars
on cobbles, tarmacadam
red light, green, amber
ambiguity, uncertainty
tartan weave fabric pattern
waiters and waitresses
wending their way
bee-like between flowers
tables slowly blossoming
with people with adornment
of conversation that paints
the air in muted colours
dissonance twelve-tone
slow twilight and light rain
piano and trumpet
flirt, seduce each other
test talk circumnavigate
then come together
jarringly, melodically
gulls step the crow-stepped gables
inverted sky glimpse puddles
as time lurches slowly on
like a passing beggar the sigh
of dissipating traffic jams
remember to forget the time
and other debts gone bad
beneath the moonglow dial
clock face poker face steaming
the walking dead stalked still
by the reptilian tollbooth spire
black and bristling spines
of ledgers where our lives are writ
drink up the cost of love turned sour
and spit.

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