The Submerged Princess

The Submerged Princess by Douglas Thompson-reduced


She is Lilith, Guinevere,
Judith, Salome, Vivien
of Brocéliande, Avalon and Ys,
princess, queen of Eden lost
beneath the waves of memory
Boudica, her daughters raped
by centurions of Rome
she is mermaid, siren
witch, virgin, whore, goddess
mother, daughter, sister, you
who lives in a world
oppressed still by the sterile
puerile, futile pride of men
bent on war and anger
greed and hunger. And yet
statement of the obvious:
all birth, all life
still emanates from you.

First and last goddess
buried sister free us from
the impotent lethargy of veins
taut too long around the flexing
muscle of the hardened heart
pluck your harp strings, draw
the shell comb through your
loosened hair, set free
your ancient music of sense
and faith to feed a man-tired world
with notes as birds to weave
their charm upon the dew-bright air.

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  1. jampope17 says:

    Reblogged this on The Fenixx Nest and commented:
    Beautifully written 🙂

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