Foxtrot Echo Bravo

Foxtrot Echo Bravo-by Douglas Thompson-220515-reduced

The poem I wrote about a fox last week (posted here) inspired me to try a picture of one and here it is. It occurs to me for the first time that there’s something Scottish and Celtic about what I’m doing these days (like the Book Of Kells, which is Irish I know, but St.Columba and all that was the connection). These pictures, this one particularly, are also about pattern recognition. If I tell you there are actually four foxes in this image then you can waste the next ten minutes trying to spot each of them. Are we watching him or is he watching us? Their ability to almost magically appear and disappear from the undergrowth seems at times to verge on the supernatural. Our brains are set up to scan peripheral vision for vital information such as faces watching us, and there’s something truly spooky about the way our neighbourhood fox peers through our patio doors each night and clearly understands a great deal about what we are. In my personal philosophy Gaia made us all, and therefore our relationship with animals is as close as we can get to knowing God/Gaia’s mind, and the comfort that gives us is of a divine/spiritual nature. Whatever made us does appear, in our moments of darkest loneliness, to have fled and left us all as orphans. But surely the deeper truth is that (s)he remains constantly present and near-at-hand as manifest in all living things. Put simply, our creator, our parents, are still here and around us everywhere. None of us need ever feel alone or downcast who have truly opened their eyes to Nature.

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