Art at Gesso Cafe


Six of my digital art images have just gone on show at a new licensed Cafe/Bar/Gallery called ‘Gesso‘ opening today at Glasgow’s Charing Cross Mansions. This is the first time I have exhibited and the first time most of these images have been printed at this scale onto canvas. Gesso does an excellent cappuccino and I’m told the food is first rate too so go along and check it out soon if you’re in the area. Local artist Jaz Sandhu is also exhibiting some of his oil paintings there. The intention is that the cafe and its free space at the back will evolve over time into a fully functioning art gallery with a rolling programme of artists (as opposed to novice amateurs like me). 🙂

punkpunkIn other news, a new short story anthology from Dog Horn Publishing hit the shelves last month, called “Punk Punk“. The stories are all about Punk, that most rebellious and inspirational of youth movements, which so shaped my life back in the late nineteen-seventies. My story, called “Out Of The Box” revolves around a true incident I witnessed back then at a Stranglers concert, in which an exuberant fan leapt from one of the Apollo’s boxes onto the stage by sliding down the safety curtain in Errol Flynn mode.

Also just released is an anthology of short stories on the theme of the human senses, called “Sensorama“, available from Eibonvale Press. My story “Musk” concerns a man whose smell and sense of smell suddenly change and thereby reveals hidden and disturbing truths regarding human sexuality. Not one for the maiden aunt then.Sensorama_full (1)

Also some excellent reviews have recently appeared of my latest book, ‘Volwys & Other Stories’, for instance this one by Martin Rose writing at Sein und Werden, and this one by Charles Packer writing at Sci-Fi Online.

Finally, Portugal’s finest Paula Brito, probably the closest thing I have to a devoted European fan of my writing, has just posted a short interview with me which you can read here:

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