Poem For November

Return, return the endless November Rain-by Douglas Thompson-251014
car wash where the brushes turn
lashes rain upon this screen
whips wind through portals of my brain
autumn winter wipe me clean
as grey clouds queue to shed their load
I turn my head from midst the ritual
punctuations of this humdrum life
to catch high up some glimpse of blue
where wisps of cloud run wild
in antique light of burnished gold
my heart leaps at what memory retains
of our brief dreams of sweet escape
our reckless flight through streets
rendered bright with coloured hopes
as carnival flags defy the grey
a thousand times I wash this soul
my wringing hands to mime dismay
but cannot shift the stain
of you on me, of me on you.

(the image inset is my digital painting ‘November Rain’ inspired by the architectural skyline of Glasgow’s Buchanan Street)

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3 Responses to Poem For November

  1. Connie MacDonald says:

    Beautiful! Love the poem and the picture.

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