On the road…

Loncon+InvernessThanks to everyone who turned out at London’s Excel and Inverness’ Eden Court Theatre last week to support the book launches of The Rhymer and The Brahan Seer by Elsewhen and Acair respectively. In the London photo (‘Loncon 3’ also known as Worldcon… full of people in Stars Wars outfits, I nearly knocked over a bloke dressed in full white storm-trooper armour just after this photo was taken by Hannah Kate of Hic Dragones publishers) I appear to be making the mistake of smiling, a foolish affectation which never suits me:-( While in Inverness, as Nick Royle has pointed out, I appear to have caught fire like the poor seer himself (or is it my hand out-racing the shutter exposure?). That’s me being interviewed rather perceptively by journalist Roddy MacLean, or possibly having a karaoke sing-song.

At any rate, I was astonished to find myself signing books for people from locations as exotic as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Canada and Turkey. The next stop on the late summer mini-tour is Tuesday 2nd September at Glasgow CCA, alongside the talented writer and musician(and fellow bald person) Neil Williamson. Come along and marvel at our reflective craniums. There shall be readings and a general party atmosphere in the bar afterwards.

Oh yes, and there’s been an interesting review of The Brahan Seer at The Future Fire by Kate Onyett: http://reviews.futurefire.net/2014/08/thompson-brahan-seer.html

And one here at Sci-Fi Online by Charles Packer: http://sci-fi-online.com/00_revs/r2014/book/14-08-18_brahan-seer.html

And another review of The Rhymer here by Rowena Hoseason: http://murdermayhemandmore.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/the-rhymer-outstanding-original-odd/

AND (just in, stop press) this 10/10 review (I haven’t had one of this in quite a while) of The Rhymer:  http://sci-fi-online.com/00_revs/r2014/book/14-07-31_rhymer.html

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2 Responses to On the road…

  1. Connie MacDonald says:

    Thank you! Really enjoyed the karaoke sing-song at Eden Court. Keep up with the poetry and the art too. Looking forward to reading the book. My mum has it at the moment. I predict that I will like it!

  2. Thanks, Connie. Every reader is a miracle as far as I’m concerned! Feedback is lifeblood.

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