An army of me…

Two boxes full of fresh books. For a writer, that is one of those magical moments that almost make it all worthwhile. Almost but not quite. As a veteran of eight books now, I am, sadly, increasingly weighed down by the ultimate futility of it all, the certainty of commercial failure, and the certainty that people shall purchase instead vast numbers of very poor books with nothing lastingly meaningful to contribute to their lives. Oh yes, and sing to the rooftops about how very good those very poor books are. Nonetheless, to know this and still keep going, is the ultimate test, and we are here to be tested, are we not?

In just a couple of weeks, on Saturday 16th August I shall be launching The Rhymer from the Elsewhen Press stand at ‘Loncon 3’ (the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention) at the ExCel centre in London Docklands. Finnish critic Sami Airola has review it here.

A few days after that I shall be launching my historical novel The Brahan Seer from Acair Books at the Inverness Book Festival at the La Scala Cinema within the Eden Court arts complex. American critic Adam Groves has reviewed The Brahan Seer here.

A week or so after that I shall be doing the Glasgow launch of both books (and hopefully even a third one, Volwys & other stories, currently going to press at Dog Horn Publishing) on Tuesday 2nd September at the CCA in Glasgow, alongside Glasgow’s quiet Sci Fi sensation Neil Williamson who will be reading from his novel “The Moon King”.

Another couple of weeks after that and I shall be doing reading events for The Brahan Seer at the public libraries in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, and Tarbert, Isle of Harris on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th September… a veritable Highland tour that will leave me stranded somewhere near Inverness on the night of the referendum on Scotland’s possible exit from the United Kingdom. Note to self: apply for a postal vote soon. And vote yes: the only way to correct the British state’s continuing slide into racist xenophobia, post-empire churlishness, and delusional nuclear power and weapons expenditure.

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