Bathing Seagull

To hell with it. I seem to be on a roll here. Here is a digital painting I did tonight inspired by a seagull I saw on a roof opposite my flat in Gallowgate last week, and here is a poem it then inspired an hour ago. Some new dual-media way of seeing seems to be taking hold of me. I suppose I should be sending these poems off to literary magazines and waiting on tenterhooks for six months, and watermarking these ‘paintings’ so I can sell them as limited prints. But I just don’t care. Who can be bothered with unelected cultural gatekeepers whose opinions I respect less than those of the man and woman on the street. Maybe the feedback I’ve had for this blog from folks all around the planet is worth more to me than the uncertain respectability of traditional formal channels. Enjoy 🙂
Bathing Seagull-by Douglas Thompson-270714


Look closely
we’ve been waiting so long for rain
and now into the pool on the roof
a seagull dives and dips rotates
flexes wings splashing undulating
endless manoeuvres variations
complications unfurling reaching
every inch of layered feathers
sending ripples out as radio waves
focus on the message. Look closely
consider how fragile and vital
the wings how the slightest
damage might spell slow and painful
earthbound death. Look closely
leave aside all human assumptions
of spurious superiority concentrate
on the feeling of water
relieving heat the satisfying arcs
of flexing muscle sinew
become the wings the beak
pass through the eye of the needle
as through a mirror rippling
to see the world inverted understand
how our roofs and ships amuse them
how voluptuous their freedom
to ascend on a whim
gliding thermals wheeling
above our patchwork cities
breast full to the brim with the joy
and insight of a God who knows
the few casual tweaks on the helical spiral
that make a bird or man
are all merely thoughts beyond words
in so many bodies euphoric deadly serious
the one immortal mind bent on beauty
laughably profound.

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3 Responses to Bathing Seagull

  1. Such delicacy and wetness! hehe. I have a similar sentiment as yours with regard to publishing….. *sigh* haha

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