Pigeon Industria

Pigeon Industria-by Douglas Thompson-200714As part of my on-going project of going mad in a good way, I unexpectedly took up art this weekend for the first time in nearly 30 years. Here is one of the results. “Pigeon Industria”, a homage to Glasgow’s atmospheric post-industrial landscape, hence the chimney and cogwheel forms. The palette emulates the wonderful colours found in the feathers of the dear birds themselves. I’d love to paint this on a canvas, maybe add textures of feathers and skin to some panels. Or better still paint it as a huge mural on the wall of a café, restaurant or bohemian design studio. Anyone out there got a nice big blank wall they want to fill? I suppose there’s almost something religious in this, like stained glass church windows. But I’m not religious… other than a spiritual follower of my own philosophy, which is that Gaia, a feminine earth deity, created us and continues to drive the engine of all life. The intersecting lines and curves express that unity and interconnectedness.

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