Poem for June

The Song Of Innocence by Ally Thompson

Summer in Scotland
the melancholy comfort of rain
listen to the incessant kissing of rooftops
glistening, the sizzling swish of passing cars
let us don the dayglow cagoules of nostalgia
and traipse through muddy fields again
with those long dead who loved and raised us
bravely endured our tantrums and wails
and taught us patience on blighted holidays
the value of keeping going as they did
step by step, year by year, as we must now too
whatever the weather, the mistakes, the regret
knowing that for every sun there is a price to pay
in sweat and burn and consequences
for each unwitting sin:
the belated rain of forgiveness.

(the picture inset is “The Song Of Innocence” by my brother Ally Thompson).

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