The Rhymer launches as e-book

The Rhymer-cover spread-1My eighth book ‘The Rhymer’ launched yesterday in e-book formats from Elsewhen Press. The paperback will be out in August. The terrific cover artwork is by Alison Buck (incorporating a “Palimpsest derived from photos of Leonardo’s work by Janaka Dharmasena/ and the interior artwork for each of the five sections is jolly intriguing fun also. The great Welsh contemporary writer and satirist Rhys Hughes has lavished the book with some most welcome praise (calling it ‘simply stupendous’) and I am told that it has already entered the Amazon top 100 for Satirical novels.Rhymer-02

Meanwhile, an excellent review came out recently of one of my previous novels ‘Entanglement’ published by Elsewhen. Rowena Hoseason, writing at the Murder, Mayhem & More website, wrote:

“…a highly entertaining collection of individual adventures which are linked together by background chapters to form an overall arc. We learn about the early and not entirely successful experiments with the ‘dupliportation’ technology, which facilitate the transfer of human consciousness from a sleeping body on earth to a woken twin on some far-flung planet. Then the action centres on a series of less-than-ideal missions to increasingly unusual worlds with liquid atmospheres, bizarre geology, days that last for years, eternal nights, and dozens of weird alien species. And some weird species which turn out not to be so alien after all.

…As is the way with the very best sci-fi, every encounter says far more about humans than it does about the extra-terrestrial life forms…

…Thompson has a very easy-going writing style which means you can dip in and out of this collection of stories without struggling to get back into the groove. Some of his descriptions of other worlds are wonderful, but he doesn’t sacrifice the pace of the plot for overblown self-indulgent stunt-writing. My attention was fixed firmly on the page throughout.

If you enjoy short speculative fantasy or sci-fi stories (or ongoing TV serials!) then Entanglement should provide several hours of agreeable, thought-provoking entertainment.”

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