The dark art of apocalypse

9781908168412The cover for my 8th novel, ‘The Rhymer’ from Elsewhen Press, was made public this morning. And rather nice it is too, a “Palimpsest derived from photos of Leonardo’s work by Janaka Dharmasena/ Original artwork by Alison Buck” The interior is art is also set to be quite tasty, as Nadith traverses areas of the map akin to his own deranged brain.
Meanwhile, the first review has appeared of “Caledonia Dreamin'”, the Eibonvale Press anthology of dark fiction of Scottish descent. Writing at the The Future Fire, Margrét Helgadóttir says of my story:

” Several of the stories herein are excellent apocalyptic stories, amongst them ‘Newayr’ by Douglas Thompson. Thompson writes a story about the meeting between the young girl Cathy who’s never left her village and officer Grayling. Grayling arrives to the village like an angel from the sky and wants Cathy to interview the eldest in the village about their memories from the night they were evacuated from The Glow long time ago. Slowly Cathy realizes that the world isn’t what she was raised to think, and that Grayling is no angel at all. Thompson weaves the readers into this dark world, where mankind play gods and think they can create worlds. I liked this piece.”

Of course, “The Glow” is what’s left of Glasgow and the “Hun E-B” referred to in the text is Huntertson B nuclear power station, which the story predicts will have malfunctioned sometime in the next ten years, leaving the west central belt of Scotland uninhabitable for centuries. Better pray I’m wrong.

Finally, D F Lewis has reviewed the Ex Occidente anthology “Transactions Of The Flesh” and describes my contribution “Towards Nature” as “a perfect gem of Decadent Literature”.

Here endeth today’s bragging. Amen.

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