Squailthronks & Robobees

bfs-journal-10-coverVolume 10 of the British Fantasy Society Journal has just come out (with rather a good cover, see inset), featuring among other things in its pages a controversial short story of mine called “Narcissi” about a Parisian curio dealer who decides to order up an alien in a golden cage from NASA. As you do. Paradoxically, I don’t think a male editor would have dared to accept this story, so the journal’s fiction Sarah Newton has earned my respect. It’s a humorous tale I think, but it darkly parodies male vanity and explores the uncomfortable topic of rape which few men can understand from a female perspective… without a helping hand from a speculative author.

Also this week, Harvard University unveiled a rather lame image of a robot bee. Lame that is, compared to the robot bee designed a few years back by the Ecuadorian artist Mauricio Estrella, whose artwork formed the cover of my third novel “Apoidea“. Apparently, the Harvard image is just a quick photoshop job on an image of a real bee, hence the spindly yellow legs which don’t look robotic at all. Come on, Harvard, you can do better that this with Government money, surely? Give me and Mauricio a call. Or better still, order up a copy of “Apoidea” and read a salutary warning as to what you might be about to unwittingly unleash on the world…

Harvard + Mauricio

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