Mechagnosis review…

MechagnosisThe eminently respected reviewer Peter Tennant has given a glowing review to my fourth novel ‘Mechagnosis’. Writing in Black Static Magazine, he writes:

“…probably Thompson’s most challenging work to date, and I’d be lying if I claimed to understand it fully… a police investigation, one that is as satisfying as it is convincing, with shades of The X-Files in the mix, and add to that the spiritual/metaphysical aspects which question the nature of reality and consciousness itself. And yet it remains a very human book despite the esoteric concerns. Scott’s crimes are committed primarily to keep his secret, but at the same time by preserving their bodies in The Machine he can ensure those he loves remain close to him, like Vonnegut’s Tralfamadorians choosing the moments in which to live. Beautifully written, beautifully characterised, particularly in the case of Wroclaw, an old man yearning for the things he feels he has missed out on, this is a book that will reward future readings, one that like The Machine itself, has secrets to reveal, visions of other realities.”

1460048_605606149500468_1611238769_nIn other news, I see that one of my short stories “Towards Nature” is out now in a sumptuously expensive and collectible anthology printed in Bucharest: “Transactions of the Flesh: A Homage to J-K Huysmans“, edited by D.P. Watt & Peter Holman.

Also, let’s not forget that I will be headlining this Sunday evening (1st December), at the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, 6 – 11 p.m, alongside Alexander Abraham, Stephen Goodall, Craig Collins, and Hal Duncan.

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  1. eibonvale says:

    congrats for that review!!

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