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The previous poem being one with some Scots words included in it, I should mention that I have a short story just out in a new Eibonvale Anthology called “Caledonia Dreamin'” edited by Hal Duncan and Chris Kelso. caledonia-dreamin-final2My story is entitled “Newayr” and is set in a near-future Scotland in which the north coast has been re-populated with experimental penal colonies of Glasgow neds! Ahhh… I’m being flippant, it’s a good deal more serious and atmospheric than that, and as befits the anthology theme: explores the meaning of some fine Scots words like Sleichit and Sweirt.
Also just out, is volume 30/31 of the celebrated Postscripts Anthology from PS Publishing. This edition, themed “Memoryville Blues” features a collaborative short story written by myself and my fine Londoner friend Allen Ashley, and it’s one of our finest, though we say so ourselves. It considers the idea of an alternate death for Harry Houdini, in which his wife Bess fails to pass him the vital key to him in a kiss (the method by which he escaped drowning in chains) upon discovering that he’s been having an affair.postscripts-30-31-memoryville-blues-jhc-edited-by-peter-crowther-nick-gevers-1847-p
Among other news, is my forthcoming appearance at the first Speculative Bookshop Presents event in Glasgow’s Old Hairdresser’s on Sunday 1st December at 7pm.
Actually, I believe I have been rather spoiled with publicity recently, whatever good it will do me, to the extent of forgetting to mention here my recent virtual appearances on Manchester Publisher Hic Dragones “Impossible Spaces” blog tour here(raving about the work of Ursula Le Guin) and here (talking about the unsolved mystery of who I actually am).

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