More Multiplicity

bookworm blues
The Impossible Spaces blog tour continues to drag me into the spotlight. As previously blogged here, I contributed a story to the ‘Impossible Spaces” anthology (published by Hic Dragones) entitled ‘Multiplicity’, and have been asked to do various guest blogs by various kind people on some of the themes thrown up by my story and by the anthology.

This week’s guest blog space was donated by Sarah Chorn, and it’s the ‘Bookworm Blues’ blog. In this piece, I talk about the power of words and of ideas and of the potential of the internet. I also take the example of a couple of recent short stories of mine to demonstrate how ‘Speculative’ fiction gives a writer the ability to tackle bigger social issues more effectively than almost any other “genre”. There we go, I’ve used that word I hate. What genre is your life, mate? Right now? Dunno… like a really boring Bergman maybe, without the subtitles….

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