Impossible Spaces

collage by ally thompsonAs previously blogged here, my short story “Multiplicity” appears in the excellent new anthology “Impossible Spaces” from Manchester publisher Hic Dragones (that’s Latin for ‘here be dragons’, scholars). I’m taking part in what’s being called a ‘Blog Tour’ for this book, whereby I post articles discussing my story and related issues, on the blogs of various kind people interested in, or connected with, the project. My second blog post, which you can read here, hosted by the blog of Norwegian/Icelandic writer Margret Helgadottir, is on the topic of gender. I’ve run it past a few female friends, neither of which have throttled me completely yet, so I don’t think it’s all that contentious… but by all means throw your comments at me. The accompanying image is a mixed-media collage on board by my brother Ally Thompson, dating as you can see, from 1988.

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3 Responses to Impossible Spaces

  1. Chris says:

    Really enjoyed your story “Multiplicity” in Impossible Spaces. Also thoroughly enjoyed your guest post over at Margrét’s blog. Have left some comments there. The mixed-media collage by your brother is brilliant!

  2. Thanks, Chris, that’s good to know and really kind of you for the feedback here and at Margret’s. I’ve been on holiday and busy since so not yet started reading all the other stories, but certainly looking forward to it. You can see more of my brother’s art at:

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