Ambit 213 out now…

ambit213My contributor copies of Ambit issue 213 have just avalanched through the door today… Ambit is, quite probably, the best magazine in the world (without prejudice or hyperbole, honest!), being a regular fusion of off-beat contemporary art and poetry and prose that’s been taking the nation’s (and the world’s) pulse four-times-a-year, regular as clockwork, since 1959. Their editor, the dear and wonderful Doctor Martin Bax formally retires with this issue, and I am humbled to be included in his last selection, and indeed for the support he has given to my fiction and poetry over the last five years. Ambit 213 is available now in all good bookshops, or you can order it up directly here. Even the best of us grow old, but Martin Bax has never mellowed nor grown less radical in his views and passions, nor in his wish to help fellow writers. Such should be an example to us all. Issue 213 contains a poem about my late father called “Stars”, and a 5-page extract from my current novel-in-progress “The Rhymer”.

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