Not Quite Human

not quite humanThe Summer 2013 issue of Sein Und Werden magazine is out now, featuring my short story called “Heredyssey”. You can read this story and indeed the entire magazine online, free of charge, here:

I’d say this is the one of the maddest things I have ever written, so it was a wild gamble paying (pleasantly) off when the editor Rachel Kendall wrote back telling me how much she enjoyed reading it. I don’t usually tempt fate by discussing work in progress on this blog, but I think it’s safe to confess now the exciting news that this story is actually the first part of the first chapter of a whole new novel I am writing, whose working title is “The Rhymer”. Another extract, from chapter two, has also just been accepted by the cult literary London magazine Ambit, for their next issue (the last issue with their wonderful veteran editor Martin Bax, who is about to retire after over 50 years in the job). I am currently approximately half-way through writing the first draft of The Rhymer and it’s going reasonably well I think, touch wood. This will be my eighth novel, but possibly my tenth published book, if my side projects of a book of poetry and another one of short stories come off and appear in print before it.

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