Polluto Issue 10

Polluto10Issue number ten of Polluto Magazine is out now, featuring a collaborative short story by myself and my old pal the London Writer Allen Ashley, called “Mart World”. We’re both quite proud of this story I think, about a future world where supermarkets have grown to encompass and swallow entire cities and their employees/citizens never see the light of day. Of course it is a satire of our current world, where every day supermarkets do grow in size and power and attempt to emulate a village atmosphere inside themselves.

Edited by the wonderful Victoria Hooper under the inspired overlordship of publisher Adam Lowe, this edition of Polluto also features some really interesting work, such as the embittered poetry of Glen R Krisch (‘Fools Of The Broken Age’ and ‘The Dim Ones’) which oozes biting social comment, and the beautiful melancholy dystopia of Kurt Newton’s story ‘At Night, The Trucks’, to name but two. Buy this magazine before some Neo-Thatcherite sect of Puritans ban it. Something unsavoury and important is being unleashed in the bowels of Yorkshire… Dissent is thriving outside the official narrative of polite British society!

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