Review Of Entanglement

Entanglement coverCharles Packer has posted a 9/10 review of my fifth novel ‘Entanglement’ over at his Sci Fi Online website. Charles writes:

“…it works as both a collection of short stories as well as a novel with an overall story arc …The format has allowed Thompson’s imagination free range, which he uses to good effect… Any reader of Thompson’s work will already be prepared for a multi-layered experience, as each story illuminates as much about the human condition in all its glory and hubris as it does the varied and imaginative alien environments. The book represents as much a philosophical discussion on the human condition as it does enthralling science fiction. As each planet is visited some of man’s most cherished concepts about himself are challenged by the diversity of life in the universe, where death is not necessarily the final end. Thompson postulates various arguments to challenge humanity’s idea of itself in creation, without ever becoming preachy. Shot through with a dry wit Entanglement is well worth picking up.”

It’s always encouraging to hear someone welcoming the philosophical and polemical aspects of my writing. Actually saying something with your work is just such terribly bad manners for a lot of people! The human race are just fine the way they are, aren’t they? Of course they are! That little dying blue planet on the news every night… that’s someone else’s, and we can get a new one when we’re done, can’t we? Yes, yes, fiction’s just for entertainment then 🙂

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