2nd review of Mechagnosis

It’s always nice when a reviewer seriously ‘gets’ what you’re doing, and I always read Charles Packer’s reviews of my books with keen interest. Indeed, without his effusive praise of my first novel ‘Ultrameta‘ I might not have kept going as I have, so there you are, it’s him we have to blame for my deluge of words upon the world! Writing at his ‘Sci Fi Online’ website, Charles neatly unpacks and explores several of the issues and dilemmas explored in ‘Mechagnosis’ such as whether remembering is a form of time travel and whether murder is murder once one discards the linear view of time. Gratifyingly, Charles welcomes the philosophical and polemical elements that take centre stage in the book rather than viewing them as in anyway contrary to the flow of action. The protagonist ‘Malthrop’ constantly asks us whether machines are degrading or exhalting of the human condition and it’s a troubling question in today’s world. I know as well as anyone that ‘Mechagnosis’ is not a perfect book, but I am very grateful for Charles Packer’s generous review and concluding remarks:

“…Mechagnosis is a story which can be read and enjoyed on many levels from its disturbing imagery to its questioning of some fundamental beliefs of the twenty-first century. Once again Thompson has produced a fusion of masterful prose and engaging philosophical argument.”

Please do read Charles Packer’s review in full here.

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