2 new reviews of Entanglement

Entanglement cover

Ahh… it’s boasting time again. Because I don’t have a literary agent (Yeauch!) I just have to do this sort of thing myself. Ian Hunter, reviewing my fifth novel ‘Entanglement’ over at the Horrorzine website, has described me as a “leading exponent of the UK slipstream movement” which is nice to know. Of course, it’s a very small literary movement, but hey, it’s nice to be on the side of the outsiders. As ever, ho hum. Ian also says some very nice things about the book like:

“…Entanglement is a novel that will live inside the mind of the reader long after the back cover has been closed, thanks to an effortlessly engaging writing style that sucks the reader into the plot like a black hole lined with teeth. Apart from the writing style and thoughtful, intelligent plotting there is a rich seam of horror running through the individual parts as humans encounter things that are very unhuman in appearance and behaviour. There is also a fair dose of black humor right to the very end so make sure you read the appendices and enjoy a sick chuckle or two.”

Thank you, Ian. Meanwhile over at the Warpcore SF site, Ros Jackson has this to throw into the pot:

“There’s something very Golden Age about Entanglement, Douglas Thompson’s short story collection about interstellar travel. It captures that sense of wide-eyed wonder and endless possibilities of those earlier works, before the evidence from real space flights squashed the wilder dreams of many science fiction writers…

…Every species is breathtakingly weird, and their alien natures aren’t confined to the way they look. More often than not each first contact event is a philosophical examination of what might happen if we had a completely different attitude to happiness, or death, or hierarchy, or the way we should live…”

Thank you, Ros, and to everyone else who has taken the time to read the book and share their thoughts on it.

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