Black Static No.31 Thanks to everyone who turned out on the night of 20th December at Glasgow’s CCA for the launch of ‘Mechagnosis’ and ‘Entanglement’, particularly Neil Williamson and Hal Duncan and of course Allen Ashley for his excellent introductory talk on the subject of Slipstream. Peter Tennant has reviewed the first chapter of ‘Entanglement’ in the latest edition of Black Static Magazine (as it appears in short story form in the Eibonvale Press Anthology ‘Where Are We Going?’) as follows:

“With ‘Entanglement’ by Douglas Thompson we… get to travel to an actual bona fide alien world, albeit the protagonist’s ‘real’ body remains on Earth. The story adroitly stage manages its toy box of science fictional tropes while delivering a compelling account of one individual’s descent into madness, the text seeming like nothing so much as the Patrick Bateman remix of Robinson Crusoe on Mars.”

Meanwhile Mark Watson over at the “Best” blog has praised my short story “Volwys” that appears in the latest issue of Albedo One Magazine, as follows:

“Interesting story from a writer new to me. It’s a story that will either be (hopefully) continued in Albedo One, or in other publications or novels. Ideally the former so I can find out how the story turns out. Earth some centuries hence, post-climate change (and a whole lot more) with ‘Cherubs’, perhaps aliens/perhaps not, a man given the ‘gift’ of immortality finds himself increasingly pondering the nature of that gift, in a very strange society. He’s got the tools to defend himself, and the story balances the dramatic action and tension, with some strong imagery, and his philosophical musings.”

Mark is indeed correct in thinking that Volwys is the first chapter of a novel. That book will be released by Dog Horn Publishing in late 2013/early 2014.

Now watch this space… in a few days’ time I shall be posting the first in my 52 poem sequence for 2013 on this blog.

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