Pulp Punks

The latest issue of arty indy cult mag Sein Und Werden has just arrived through the post, featuring my one page prose poem entitled ‘Dreaming California’. This is a strange coincidence in a way, since this piece was written in San Francisco in 1997, and only the other day in my post about Ambit Magazine (see my last entry) I put up a poem written in Austria in 1999. I seem to be ploughing a strange historical furrow of my own life right now. ‘Dreaming California’ is an embittered critique of the tattered American Dream that I found in Las Vegas and San Francisco that winter: particularly in the city centre of the latter; a level of poverty and racism that I had not glimpsed in all those TV projections of itself that America had forced down British throats while I was growing up.

I seem to have taken a more serious interpretation of the ‘Pulp Punks’ theme than my old chums Terry Grimwood and Allen Ashley whose stories in this issue have lots of fun with noir stereotypes and lycra superheroes. I limit my references to pondering what an ageing Clark Kent might make now of the culture that created him. Sein Und Werden is a first rate (and international) little magazine founded by Rachel Kendall to modernise all things surreal, existential and anarchic, and deserves your support through subscription. This ‘Pulp Punks’ edition is guest edited by Mark Howard Jones, whose chapbook ‘The Garden of Doubt on the Island of Shadows’ comes free with your issue.

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