Paperback release of ‘Entanglement’

In my day job, it never ceases to amaze me when I step onto a construction site and find teams of people actually building something that I designed and drew. I know it’s the whole point, but it still always catches me off-guard. Deep down inside we are all still 12-year-old boys (or girls), or at least I know I am, and any position of authority the world has put me in feels to me for a moment like a wildly exhilarating mistake on their part!

I mention this, because the feeling I get when someone reviews one of my books is very similar. Anthony Williams, previously something of a fan of my first and second novels (Ultrameta and Sylvow) has just reviewed my fifth novel ‘Entanglement‘ and concludes with some comments that I find very kind and encouraging as follows:

“As can be expected from this author, this is far more than a routine humans-meet-aliens story. The experiences of the explorers are often intensely bizarre, sometimes causing them to lose their objectivity and even their sanity, and bringing into question the whole project. The concluding chapter introduces yet more plot twists which change the reader’s understanding of what has been happening, with the final twist returning to the theme of the foreword. Like all of Thompson’s writing, strong and sometimes disturbing images are created in the mind. A memorable book with much packed into it, tempting the reader to turn back to the beginning and start reading it over again.”

Like the aforementioned 12-year-old boy, I do still badly need encouragement, and indeed live in a more or less constant state of despair regarding my writing. I should add that the rest of my life is pretty happy, but writing is a weird addiction that I struggle with and delivers as much unhappiness as happiness. If you’re thinking about trying it, just don’t!

Anyway, it’s very fine and fitting that Anthony should have posted his review today, because today is the official launch of the mass paperback version of ‘Entanglement” at all good books shops and even a few crap ones. It’s also available in a wide range of e-book formats all over this planet, and maybe a few other planets for all we know (that would be ironic, did I guess any alien physiologies right? -feel free to get in touch by abduction).

Not content with guessing the contents of other worlds, I have of course been guessing the future of this one in my series of “Postcards From The Future” over at the Elsewhen Press ‘Millifiction’ blog. My ninth postcard went up today, a thousand free words that can be read in a couple of minutes. My final (tenth) installment will be posted in December, and all the previous ones can still be read online at Elsewhen if you want to catch up with the future before it’s too late…

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