Novel Number Seven

Okay, this is getting a bit ridiculous now, I admit it. I know what you’re thinking. Another week, another novel accepted. But it doesn’t mean anyone’s buying or reading them, remember. That may not be the hardest bit, but it’s the bit over which I have least control, and where I need the help of a lot of other people. Writing the books in the first place is the hardest bit of course, without which nothing else can happen. This one is going to be called ‘Volwys’ and it is scheduled to be published by Dog Horn in late 2013/early 2014. Volwys is designed as a loose sequel (or inversion of) my second novel ‘Sylvow‘, published in 2010 by Eibonvale Press. The current draft blurb for Volwys is as follows:

“Two Centuries from now mankind’s unchecked environmental pollution will have provoked a new ice age. Amid the ruins of the city of Volwys, a bio-dome is under construction to protect a privileged elite while the peasants outside live in mediaeval squalor, facing gradual extinction as the planet cools. Only one man alive remembers our world, having been kept alive by genetic manipulation by the mysterious “Cherubs”, frequent visitors at the court of his ruler: the Wolf King who is guarded by bird-headed soldiers. Rrio is plagued by nightmares and visions as he attempts to uphold his odious regime by interrogation and torture. As his consciousness disintegrates he comes to realise that the rebel leader each of his victims speak of holds a fascination that may unlock the enigma of his own soul…”

Chapter One of Volyws has just been published in the latest issue (No.42) of Albedo One magazine, as my recent post. The Dog Horn edition of Volwys will include not just ‘Volyws’ itself but nine other ‘surreal Sci Fi stories’ which term neatly sums up where this book will sit, for the genre-label-junkies amongst you. The image I’ve included in this post is of a collage by Max Ernst (from his collage novel “A Little Girl Dreams Of Taking The Veil”) which I have naughtily doctored in Photoshop to swap the Pope’s bird head for a wolf head. Actual choice of cover and interior art will of course be the subject of the usual demographic discussions, as I always say these days!

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