First Review Of Mechagnosis

Phew! Another first review out the way… always a tense moment. Ros Jackson’s reviews are often highly perceptive and show me things about my own writing that I may not have seen myself. She seems to have liked ‘Mechagnosis‘ a good deal and fully appreciated its fusion of narrative and philosophical elements. Ros writes:

“There are some things I’ve come to expect from Douglas Thompson’s writing: ambitious ideas, a willingness to experiment, and a commitment to challenging the reader. Even so, Mechagnosis is more wtf than usual…
…This is a densely-written story, only 144 pages, but it’s nevertheless a very deep consideration of machines, memory, and our lack of control over mechanisation. The ending doesn’t waste any words, and although it seems a bit abrupt that’s mainly because Douglas Thompson isn’t insulting the reader’s intelligence by explaining the obvious. Mechagnosis is clever, if a little off the wall, and it left me with lots of interesting things to ponder.”

Ros really gets the parallels that I draw between the emotional journeys of the characters and the surreal revelations of ‘Malthrop’s machine’. Read the review in full at Ros’s Warpcore SF website here. This is the first time I’ve encountered the term ‘wtf’ as an adjective (what the f***), never mind as one directed at myself. I’m taking it as a compliment!

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