Albedo Issue 42 out now featuring ‘Volwys’.

Issue No.42 of Albedo One is out now, Ireland’s foremost science fiction magazine, featuring my short story ‘Volwys’. This story is also the first chapter of a short novel of the same name, designed as a sequel, or mirrored inversion of, Sylvow, my second novel, which received excellent reviews such as this one from Peter Tennant. “Volwys’ is about a future Earth locked into an ice age provoked by our current unchecked global warming, where the DNA of wolves and other surreal animals (!) has been spliced with Humans for nefarious purposes by some sinister little chaps referred to only as “The Cherubs”. Intrigued?

If you can’t face the postage from Ireland, then why not order a PDF copy of Albedo One online? The rather psychedelic cover art is by Brazilian Joao Lisboa, and the interior art for my story (see extract below) is by Anastasia Alexandrin. The standard of the stories in Albedo is, by general consensus, extraordinarily high, making it a fascinating experience for the reader, and a major challenge for the submitting writer.

Meanwhile on a similar e-mag roll, the ever-dynamic Jeani Rector, has just released a special magazine digest of some of the best stories from her online mag The Horrorzine, including my story ‘Pandora’s Box’. Paperback editions can be bought here, and Kindle editions here.

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