Postcard No.8

My eighth ‘Postcard From The Future’ has just gone up over at the Elsewhen Press website. Go on give it a go, at only 1000 witty words it’s a fast way to tickle your jaded cerebellum.

Meanwhile, the inestimable Terry Grimwwood has just published my unpleasant little short story ‘By The Fourth Day’ over at his Wordland e-zine website. It will put you on a diet, guaranteed. Terms and conditions apply. Have a nice day.

Lastly, let’s round off this bi-monthly barrage of bragging with the news that Finland’s very own Sami Airola has been at it again: reading and reviewing my novels as fast as they come out, like a gamely athletic goalie in injury time or a penalty shoot-out. Take it away, Sami:

“I enjoyed reading about the different planets and the customs and cultures of their inhabitants. It was interesting to read how aliens felt about humans and how their cultures and habits differed from ours. For example, the inhabitants of one planet lose their memory by regular intervals and the explorers begin to think what it would be like to live in an amnesiac society. This is an interesting idea and it allows the author to question several things which make us human.

Entanglement is one of the most fascinating science fiction novels I’ve read, because Douglas Thompson manages to bring space exploration to life with his 24 stories. He has found a good balance between the stories, because he writes captivatingly about what happens on Earth and what happens on the distant planets. Each story adds depth to the story arc and reveals more about us and the universe that surrounds us.

In my opinion Douglas Thompson is a talented science fiction author. What separates him from other authors is that he’s clearly more willing to take risks than several other authors and isn’t afraid to explore difficult subjects. In other words, he’s willing to write about unconventional things.

I’ve read a couple of novels by Douglas Thompson and I enjoyed them, but I can say that Entanglement is his best novel so far. Sylvow and Apoidea were well written, exciting and unconventional science fiction novels, but Entanglement surpasses them, because the author seems to able to write about almost anything in it. Entanglement is a great achievement.

Entanglement will be an interesting reading experience for fans of Douglas Thompson, but it can also be recommended to newcomers, who aren’t familiar with Douglas Thompson’s stories. I think that everybody who likes quality science fiction will enjoy this novel.

Highly recommended!”

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